Beautify Your Basement

An often-overlooked space in many homes is the basement. Let’s face it – some of us only use it for storage and laundry while others host cocktail parties and family gatherings! No matter how you use the space, a basement is an excellent candidate for an epoxy coating and reaps many of the same benefits as our traditional garage floors. Because of the many variables that come with basements, however, it is especially important to hire a certified, professional floor coatings team to ensure the product is decorative and durable rather than a disaster!


A common problem in many lower-level spaces is moisture and mold. At Garage Floor Coating of Columbus, we take pride in attention to detail when it comes to moisture management and mitigation. Our polyaspartic-polyurea products combined with moisture tolerant epoxy offers a solution for concrete prone to dampness. For areas with significant moisture issues in and under the concrete, we offer our hydro epoxies which offer deep-penetrating mitigation. This extra barrier prevents moisture pressure under the concrete from lifting our coatings right off the concrete! For many basements, this a game-changing solution and a featured product that separates Garage Floor Coating from our “one-day” competitors.

Decorative Options

Our wide range of product options offers a variety of choices to suit any number of creative design needs. Please view our website to see a sampling of colors and chips blends both by the flooring system and by residential space. Garage Floor Coating of Columbus is proud to be the pioneer of the Liquid Art metallic epoxy system in Central Ohio and is a highly sought after floor coatings installer of decorative basement systems for the annual BIA Parade of Homes. Other popular interior options include our Bagari Effects blend (our PVA chip blends with an extra pop of shine from our mica flake) as well as our Liquid Minerals floors that combine metallic epoxy and mica flakes.

The Point

Don’t let your basement be an afterthought. Contact our office today to schedule a free estimate and give yourself the gift of a beautified basement!

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