Breathe New Life into Your Floor

My Floor is Very Damaged? Can I Still Purchase Your Product?
Do You Offer Services that Will Fix the Problem Spots in My Floor?

Whether your floor is worn from foot traffic, cracked from fluctuating temperatures, or damaged from salt and brine, our flooring systems provide both a durable and decorative solution. Our garage floors, basement floors, and exterior floors all start with the basics: concrete preparation and repair. Regardless of if you are choosing an epoxy floor, a stain and sealed concrete application, or one of our more economical flooring systems, you get the added benefit of concrete preparation and correction. This ensures the unique needs of your floor are met and the final product is as special as the space in which it is located.

During your free estimate and consultation, our sales team will get to know the history of your space and the floor including any damage, the need for moisture mitigation, and other specifications. Our team of expert epoxy floor coating installers will then work with a uniquely-tailed coating plan to ensure your floor is crafted to your expectations. By taking the time to prepare your concrete floor correctly, we ensure our coatings (Epoxy, hydro polymers, Poly-aspartic, Poly Hybrid, etc) adhere properly and provide the best solution for years to come.

Because we take the time to apply our products with careful detail and care, we can ensure the imperfections a concrete floor naturally have are remedied on day one! Even if you are looking to fix a floor that is heavily damaged, look no further than Garage Floor Coating of Columbus. Not only will you bring your concrete back to its best life, you will enjoy the beauty of our unique systems in your garage, basement, or exterior spaces. Call today for your free estimate!

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