Do Your Floor Right, Not Rushed!

June 1, 2021

Your epoxy flooring competitors pride themselves on a one-day install. Why do you take longer?

I like your flooring options but don’t want to be out of my garage that long. Can you accommodate?

Image of saving time showing clock and a calendar in the background. GFCC saves time by doing it right.For years, Garage Floor Coating of Columbus has shared the market with a revolving door of “one-day floor” competitors who promise a fast installation process, warn of the problems with epoxy, and do whatever it takes to get in and out of the customers’ homes the same day. It’s time to debunk the myths and get real!

The Product

A common misconception sold by our competitors is that epoxy is weaker than their product and is somehow a dated method. Garage Floor Coating of Columbus uses not only epoxy comprised of 100% solids, but also polyaspartic/polyurea coatings that are engineered to be the highest quality of both strength and durability. In our most popular systems we combine the versatility of industrial-grade epoxy flooring with a dense polyaspartic/polyurea clear coat. We have created coating offerings that take the singular product family used by our competitors and add to it with our battalion of over half a dozen different options tailored to the needs of your floor! Why limit yourself to one product all for the sake of one day?

The Process

Time is money, not a marketing tool. We take your investment in our premium floor coatings seriously and aim to provide you with a finished product you can be proud of for years to come. Could we do your floor in one day? In short, yes. But the very processes that set apart Garage Floor Coating of Columbus as a top pick city-wide are the same reason we often do not rush our floor installations just to say we can. Our preparation process ensures your floor is restored to its original vitality and properly adheres to our products, and our coating process incorporates multiple layers of industrial-grade products chosen from our wide array of options. This is the difference between a one-day floor company and Garage Floor Coating of Columbus. How do they do it so quickly? One approach for every floor. Our customers deserve more than a cookie-cutter process. 

The Point

If we could do all our floors in one day, why wouldn’t we? The answer is simple: the integrity of our flooring systems and dedication to customer service. While the final product may look similar, take the time to get your space coated properly by our team of flooring experts. The time you think you’re saving during the install may just turn into months of headaches in the years to come. Contact our office today to schedule a free estimate and give yourself a floor done right, not rushed!

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