Leave It to the Professionals!

April 15, 2020

Zach Ruppel, Marketing

I found a very affordable kit that promised a product like yours. Why hire you?

I love home projects. Installing an epoxy floor can’t be that hard can it?

In the midst of a lot of uncertainty in life, there is one you can be certain of: leave your epoxy floors to the professionals! We have all seen the “DIY” flooring kits at the local hardware and paint stores. While these might be much cheaper and appear to be easy to use, their drawbacks are significant:

The Product

One of the ways home improvement stores can offer a cheaper product is because of a lower quality product. Floor coatings are measured both before and after they dry to determine the amount of remaining thickness or “solids” content. The average DIY epoxy kit contains a fraction of the solid content compared to our professional 100% solids product. The higher the percentage, the longer the life of the floor. Most DIY kits will fail within a year of application.

The Process

The typical DIY kit contains a myriad of instructions that often are complicated, difficult to follow, and overly involved. Additionally, the extra equipment needed to prepare the floor, repair the floor, and maintain the floor can create a true flooring nightmare! All the fuss and effort for a floor that likely will delaminate within the year. You can install a cheap floor ten times or a premium floor once.

The Point

Quite simply: you get what you pay for. Our team of certified epoxy floor coating installers ensure your investment results in a floor that is not only decorative but also durable. We stand behind our flooring system warranties, promote transparency about our premium products, and educate you on the simple steps to maintain your purchase for years to come. The choice is yours: call us today for your free quote!

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