Residential Installation Process

Concrete Preparation

Diamond grind profile all concrete surfaces. Address cracks, any pitting, and prepare floor joints. Our state of the art grinding equipment allows for fast grinding and little to no dust creation. Garage Floor Coating technicians are highly trained and certified by the manufacturer of our coating products.

Base Coat and Color Coat

Many of the floors we treat require a moisture mitigation coat. For low-moisture concrete we use polyaspartic/polyurea for the color coat. For moderate and high-moisture concrete we use 100% solids epoxy.

Media Application

Almost all of our residential floor installs include mica media and/or PVA flake; broadcast directly into the color coat. Our favorite systems include a mica media developed exclusively for the Garage Floor Coating family.

Clear Coat

Most of our system options include a clear coat. In garage areas, we exclusively use Garage Floor Coating’s poly-hybrid topcoat. The durability of this product allows us to offer the industry’s original stain warranty. Oil, grease, transmission fluid, and salt/brine do not damage or discolor our floors

Garage Coating Process Video

View how our unique epoxy garage coating process works