Watch Your Step!

One of my friends had a floor installed and has fallen twice – Are your floors dangerous?

My wife uses a cane to walk. Is there anything we can do to prevent falls?

It is no secret that choosing an epoxy floor coating system is an investment that will enhance both the decorative and durable aspects of your floor. Whether you are coating a garage, patio, or common area in a business, your floors must also be safe. Rest assured that the investment you make with Garage Floor Coating of Columbus is tailored to your specific needs and that your final product will provide a traction-level appropriate for its use. 

Professional installers incorporate a slip-resistant aggregate into the final coat of the epoxy flooring whether that is your final color coat or your final clear coat (depending on your chosen system). When choosing our anti-skid products, we keep your needs in mind to create the most suitable final product for your space. We have the ability to adjust the amount of anti-skid on the floor and have numerous options to choose from based on the aggressiveness you are looking for with traction. Some of these options include Polypropylene, Quartz, and Aluminium Oxide. 


Polypropylene provides good slip resistance. This type of anti-skid media is most often used in areas that are prone to less traffic and have less risk of becoming wet or slippery. Often this includes basements, shops, covered patios, hallways, and other residential common areas (the more aggressive anti-skid types are rougher and therefore harder to clean). 

Quartz and Aluminum Oxide

Quartz and aluminum oxide, on the other hand, are far more “aggressive”. For areas that are prone to getting wet, greasy, or get a lot of foot traffic by individuals at risk for falls, these media are the ideal choice. While quartz and aluminum oxide may be quite visible in the top coat and take more effort to clean, our team of experienced epoxy floor coating installers have numerous tried and true methods to ensure your final product is appealing to the eye and the foot!


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