Worried About Odor?

Why Do Your Competitors Say that Your Epoxy-Based Products Smell Horrible?
Why Should We Choose Your Company if Others Promise Odor-Free Installation?

Epoxy-based products often have a reputation for smelling very strongly of chemicals. We have heard this critique over and over but provide a number of solutions to ensure you can enjoy both the process and final product of installing one of our beautiful flooring systems. One of the first solutions we offer are products that are constantly being updated and revamped by our team of expert engineers in Arizona. Epoxy does not have to be and should not be offensive! Often, what customers were used to smelling in the past are chemical compounds that are outdated and NOT ideal for use.

We offer a great selection of low-odor products including our moisture-mitigating Hydro Polymers, Low Odor Poly Hybrid, and concrete repair products like our ZYCRETE PMC-120 and Duracuire Fast Cure Concrete Patch system. Additionally, our team will work with you to add scent mitigation techniques that offer a pleasant-smelling additive to our products for areas of your home we may coat that are interior. While we can not guarantee a truly odor-free installation, we can provide you with guidance on what to expect and operate with the integrity to help meet your needs. NEVER trust a company that promises no odor – not even standard satin wall paint is odor-free! Garage Floor Coating of Columbus is dedicated to ensuring the process from start to finish is professional, enjoyable, and provides you with a product that is guaranteed to last. Our floor coatings are recognized across the Central Ohio area, have earned us numerous accolades, and we look forward to helping you create a new life for your floor. Call today to schedule your free estimate!

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