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Residential, Commercial and
Industrial Floor Coatings.


Garage Floor Coating of Columbus applies two component industrial polymers in all garage floor installations.


GFC Basement floors allow for a variety of options and styles for any budget. Ask us for design ideas to coat or polish


Our Bagari Effects and Ultra coating systems are excellent options for beautifying and protecting exterior concrete


GFC of Columbus’s sister division, EPFC Industrial, is responsible for our business to business installations

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Garage Floor Coating of Columbus is the residential division of Epoxy and Polished Floors of Columbus- We are the exclusive franchise partner of garagefloorcoating-com, and the premier installer of epoxy, hybrid, and polished concrete flooring systems in central Ohio- Garage Floor Coating of Columbus installation teams are certified, experienced, and professional. We are committed to the details and take pride in our customer service- Give us a call, we’d love to work with you

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Quick Tips to Keep Your New
Floor Clean

Our reputation is built on your complete satisfaction, so we would like to take a moment to remind you how to properly care for your newly installed coating system to ensure it’s longevity and durability.


Either of these items will be helpful to remove all dirt and leaves- Blow out or sweep loose dust and debris to prep your floor for cleaning.


Create a mixture of 5 parts water to 1 part SIMPLE GREEN. Do not exceed recommended concentrations, as this will leave a film that attracts dirt.


Mop floor with dampened janitorial string mope and simple green solution. Rinse mopped area with clean water to remove solution completely. You can use a foam squeegee to push excess moisture out of the area. Floor will be slippery when wet. Allow floor to dry before regular use.

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